Friends of

Fizzgig Homepage - The Official Homepage of the Cincinnati Band Fizzgig, complete with product info, band info, show dates and other cool stuff.

Joykilling is Easy - This is a site from the Joykiller himself, containing his rantings, links and other pointless stuff.

Gourds Galore - A site containing all of your gourd and gourd accessory needs.

Kentuckyana's RX7 Homepage - Everything you ever wanted to know about the Indiana/Louisville RX7 Club. (Site Moved, Don't know the new one yet, Sorry)

Planet Flux - The homepage for the best and most addictive game ever ... FLUX!!!

S+LUG - University of Louisville's Student Linux Users Group Home Page

Psycho Josh - WARNING!!! EXPLICIT LANGUAGE!! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK! Anyhow really cool shit with links to local bands and a little about Psycho Josh himself.

Frank's Homepage - A cool page by Frank (lots of cool graphics and interfaces)